The Big Apple Deli is CLOSED  and the property is FOR SALE!



Nestled on the square of downtown Snyder is one of the newest taste sensations to hit West Texas . . . . the Big Apple Deli.  Carved from a portion of the historic Manhattan Hotel, the B.A.D. serves up hospitality and great food in a nostalgic setting that is sure to hit the spot.

Bill Robertson and his friendly staff will cater to your every need whether it’s serving up one of their tasty creations such as the “Pig” or “Glenda” from the Big Board menu or allowing you to design your own (heck, they might even name it after you!).  Fresh soup made by hand daily, chips, salads and even deviled eggs all add to your eating enjoyment.  For those with a serious thirst, there is something for everyone at the bar which serves beer and wine along with a good story or two.

The B.A.D. even offers live entertainment from well-established and up-and-coming musicians from the West Texas area.  So, whether you have a hunger as big as Texas or simply need to “wet your whistle”, get off the dusty trail and relax at the B.A.D. where everything is oh so GOOD!!

We're open Monday through Friday, 11am-4pm and Saturday 11am-3pm. Lots of times folks join the crowd with their own birthday party or sumpin else fun!

Our motto is: The food's okay,  but the restrooms are GREAT!!! Still, the foods pretty good too and the beer's verrrrrrrrrrry cold!

I think the best part of running the deli is, I never know who's going to walk through our doors. Somedays, it's a great group of regulars. Other days, it's folks from here to TimBuckToo.

So, come visit. Sit awhile. Who knows who you'll meet. We just want  you to have a good time!!!

1804 26th Street  *  Snyder, Texas 79549  *  325-573-7788